Road Sign 29 – FactsAs a groundbreaking innovation, Bitcoin attracts supporters and skeptics alike. The technical and theoretical complexity of the digital currency can be confusing for some who have not yet been deeply involved with the technology.

The result is that many skeptics hang themselves up on one or two statements about Bitcoin. One often hears “Bitcoin cannot succeed” or “Bitcoin is a snowball system”. These statements do not correctly understand the characteristics of the digital currency and do not all too rarely cast a false light on the digital currency.

In the following we will refute known Bitcoin myths like the news spy

Bitcoin is only a speculative investment as in the review about the news spy. Many people heard about Bitcoin for the first time in connection with the high price. Either in connection with the bubble in 2013 or in connection with the recent fall in prices. People therefore associate Bitcoin with a very volatile currency in which it the news spy worth investing or not precisely because of the volatility.

But the truth is that Bitcoin is much more than just an asset. The decentralised peer-to-peer payment network is just one example of why Bitcoin will tear down old barriers. If the Bitcoin price would theoretically always remain the same, the digital currency would still have an enormous benefit, far from a speculative investment.

2. the blockchain is the true breakthrough and not Bitcoin
That’s true – the blockchain is truly the ingenious invention of Satoshi Nakamoto. The public register and security of the blockchain give Bitcoin its uniqueness. Once people have realized this, they often only see a use case of the blockchain in Bitcoin.

In reality, however, mining is the bread and butter of the Bitcoin protocol and without miners there would be no blockchain. The consequence of this is that the miners have to be rewarded for their work, because otherwise they would have no incentive to do their job and keep the blockchain alive. The reward is paid out in the form of Bitcoins.

Bitcoins are therefore essential for a functioning blockchain

3. the government will ban Bitcoin one day
While governments around the globe are thinking about how to take care of Bitcoin, many people mistakenly think that governments can simply ban Bitcoin when they feel like it. That’s exactly what people are used to from governments.

Yes, governments have the power to make it very difficult for people to use Bitcoin and government regulation is inevitable and welcome. However, if a government were to ban the global Bitcoin network, it would be very time-consuming and costly, if not impossible.

4. you can’t buy anything useful with Bitcoin
Many people are surprised when they hear that Bitcoin is not only a speculative investment but also a currency with which they can buy everyday things.

Below are the largest Bitcoin Accepting Companies, sorted by annual turnover:

bitcoin accepting merchants
Source: CoinDesk State of Bitcoin Q3 2014 Report
In addition to the companies already mentioned, PayPal has announced a partnership with Bitcoin companies and Microsoft is already accepting Bitcoin for online games and other digital media. In addition, hundreds of small shops around the world already accept Bitcoin as a means of payment.

Is the Donald nervous he’s missing out on something lucrative? Well yes, yes he is. Which is why he has been forming partnerships with online affiliates to start up an online casino when legislation is passed? Online casinos which offer a no download option are the best.

Trump Entertainment Resort sees the value in doing business online, and is growing impatient with New Jersey government that is being rather slow with pushing legislation through the house.

The company is still preparing for legislation and is making all of the right moves to make sure they are ready when the proper bills are passed. Trump Casinos have: “determined that such a joint venture represents the most advantageous for the company to participate in opportunities in online gaming at minimal cost to the company.”

As for New Jersey governor, Chris Christie, he feels that passing this bill could possibly lead to an explosion of betting parlors throughout the state.

Trump Casinos argue that millions of Americans are spending so much time and money at off-shore virtual casinos that it is detrimental to the US economy, and could actually help mend our “cash-strapped government.”

Atlantic City, where Trump has a large presence, has had an ongoing slump for the past five years, and cannot seem to pull them out of it, bringing the online aspect in would be great news for the town.

New Jersey legalizing online betting could greatly increase a passion for the industry, as well as provide much needed tax dollars and job.

The Donald is no stranger to bankruptcy but I’m sure he is going to do everything in his power to make sure this legislation is passed.

A lot goes into find the best place to play games online. You have to know that money you may be wagering is going into honest hands and that the games you are playing are completely fair. There are also the secondary factors including entertainment value and game quality. Overview of casinos which accept PayPal and other Methodes.

This leads me to my first factor when choosing an online casino to wager my money. I like to scroll down to the very bottom of the home screen and check out which software they use. If it is not a reputable brand I keep moving. Brands like RealTime Gaming, PlayTech, and Microgamming are at the top of my list.

Secondly I like to make sure they use Random Number Generation. The aforementioned software companies always include RNG but I just like the reassurance. If you are unaware what RNG it is a special computer chip inserted into the software to generate completely randomized numbers. In an online casino it is in the computational form but in an actual casino it is in the physical form; think a dice roll or a wheel spin.

Finally I like to look at the payout percentage. This number should be in the mid to upper 90s, if it’s not, keep mobbing. The best casinos know that they have to compete for your business and they will raise the payout percentage as high as they possibly can to gain your business.

So whether you’re playing online roulette, online blackjack or online poker real money is involved, and you do not want to wager it somewhere you don’t trust.


The rumors are true; will no longer be accepting wagers from US players. By the end of 2011 their contract will have expired with Morris Mohawk Gaming, based out of Canada, and they will start a new licensing agreement with The UK Gambling Commission. Bodog will change their name to “” from “”

Founder Calvin Ayre is very excited about the prestige and added trust that comes with a licensing agreement from UK Gambling Commission. He is working on expanding the brand in many ways; they have even started distributing coffee. Their aim is produce a brand “not unlike Virgin.”

They are currently ranking 13th among online casinos and 2nd among online casinos still accepting US players.

The decision to change licenses was made due to a lot of factors. The main one being the indictment on April 15th with various US poker sites. Bodog is expanding in many areas, including Asia, and they do not want to risk being associated with and controversy.

The cutoff has nothing to do with Morris Mohawk Gaming, who have decided to start their own Online casino USA players can definitely make wagers at.

What I wonder is how many other casino will follow suit. The US government is certainly taking their time making up their minds about legislation, what if they wait too long? This seems to be a trend, not allowing US players to wager at casinos due to an increased amount of risk. Americans love to gamble too, especially in poker.