Black Friday – the black days have already begun for the crypto market this Monday. Not only the industry leader Bitcoin had to accept severe price losses; the entire crypto market has had to struggle with strong losses in the past few days. But the world continues to turn. The situation on Wednesday.

German logistics wants Bitcoin secret

Hardcore Hodlers know that the wheat is now separating from the chaff. While HODL in a bull market can degenerate into an empty word case, the bear again beats meaning into the Bitcoin secret. Quite rightly, the basic tenor in the crypto scene is that the review of the Bitcoin secret is still a long way from being found dead. Whether a large part of Altcoin’s competition can claim this as well, behind it one can – at least a small – put a question mark.

An exclamation mark was set by XRP, who got away with a black eye with relatively small price losses so far. And among the blind is the one-eyed… well, you know already. That XRP stands out so well is probably also due to numerous cooperation partners who have announced that they want to make use of the xRapid platform from Ripple. In the unsettled waters of the crypto world, news about cooperation with established major corporations has a similar effect as the exclamation “land in sight” on the high seas.

Jean-Claude Trichet probably thinks he is on the right track at the moment – after all, the former head of the European Central Bank gave his mistrust of BTC-ECHO last week in relation to crypto currencies to the best of his ability. He said he could “not like anything” about this and considered the previous regulatory efforts to be “too cautious”.

Times in which the investment aspect of crypto currencies has a deterrent rather than an attractive effect (which is a matter of debate, of course) invite us to focus more on the technology and possible areas of application for blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies again. There is a never-ending stream of reports from the logistics sector in particular about pilot projects in which the still young technology is being tested. The interest of German entrepreneurs in Blockchain & Co. has now been expressed by Hermes in figures.

A survey conducted by the German postal competitor showed that more than a third of German logistics companies have recognised the potential of the blockchain. According to the tenor of the interviewees, it enables “enormous changes in logistics” that go far beyond the consequences of digitalization.

A plucked BCH

The tenor of a BCH-Hodler could have turned into a shrill soprano. Even though the crypto market as a whole is still a bit feathery, the BCH price has been plucked particularly thoroughly. With a weekly minus of around 55 percent (at the editorial deadline), the Bitcoin epigone is the biggest loser among the top 60(!) on Coinmarketcap for this period. This is mainly due to the trench warfare between Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin ABC – the Hard Fork was held on 15 November.

While the crypto market is knee-deep in the red, Switzerland’s first crypto ETP has received the green light from the regulatory authorities. This is intended to facilitate institutional investors’ access to the crypto market. The prices of Bitcoin, XRP, Ether, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin are to serve as the underlying, with a decreasing weighting.

Waiting for the Bitcoin ETF
For a genuine Bitcoin ETF, which many see as a messiah, others as apocalyptic riders, the crypto community still has to be patient. In recent weeks it has become quiet in this respect around the US regulatory authority SEC. However, the ICO hunting community is very busy. The authority has been punishing companies that sold their tokens illegally as securities for a long time. These include Paragon and AirFox, who have been fined by the SEC. This was announced by the authority on 16 November.

The much-quoted regulatory mills are known to grind slowly. If the SEC takes its time much longer, it might be possible to bridge the waiting time with the first Playstation game using a blockchain. The game Plague Hunter will be released next year. For the first time, non-fungible tokens will be used in the turn-based PVP role-playing game – including an optional blockchain marketplace.

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