In the last weeks there had been some rumours about the situation at the Austrian Bitcoin company Cointed. Even a complete bankruptcy of the Cointed GmbH stood in the area. Now the CEO Wolfgang Thaler announces itself in a video message to its customers to word.

Cointed, mainly known in Germany for its business with Bitcoin ATMs, has been in a severe crisis since last month. The ATMs were taken off the server, Exchange paused and rumors spread. Officially, there was no statement at first, the support and secretariat of the company remained unoccupied and the customers were initially groping in the dark. Only a Facebook post dated 18 June informed customers that there had apparently been a hacker attack on Cointed GmbH.

CEO Wolfgang Thaler explains Bitcoin loophole

Now Wolfgang Thaler, the CEO of Cointed GmbH, finally has his say and raises serious accusations against his two partners. They had „left him in the lurch“, which is why he was only now able to inform customers about what was going on in the Bitcoin loophole company as reported on Thaler reports by video from China, where he negotiates according to own data with investors, in order to save the future of the Cointed GmbH.

Wolfgang Thaler Cointed

Thaler’s main concern is to clear up the rumors of the last days and to describe his view of things. He makes it clear that he has nothing to do with Optioment’s business methods. As BTC-ECHO reported, the premises of Cointed in Kufstein were examined in the course of the investigation. Thaler complains that a large amount of data was confiscated. Also the ATMs of Cointed had to be won by the server for a whole week, which resulted in a financial failure.

Attack on Cointed costs the company a six-figure amount

Much worse, however, was the high six-figure amount which, according to Thaler, was stolen in the course of a fraud case. In order to close the security gap, the Exchange had to be removed from the market and all transactions checked individually. At present, however, legal action has already been taken against the fraudsters.

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