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Expedia now allows its more than 700,000 accommodations to be booked with crypto currencies through the Travala.com travel crypto platform.

According to an announcement shared with Cointelegraph by Travala.com on July 6th, the company added more than 700,000 accommodations to the more than 2 million options on its crypto travel platform that are already available in 230 countries.

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Expedia Group Senior Vice President Alfonso Paredes said the company aims to expand Travala.com’s business faster than it has so far. In addition, he said the company also recognizes innovation and the importance of allowing users to choose their preferred payment method.

This is the result of a collaboration with a subsidiary of travel giant Expedia, called Expedia Partner Solutions (EPS). EPS gave Travala.com access to its rapid application programming interface, allowing the company to offer Expedia accommodations to its users.

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The latest in a series of offers for Travala
In November 2019, Travala.com reached a similar agreement with Booking.com and added its more than 90,000 destinations to its platform. Data shared by the company in January revealed that the company increased its revenue by 33% after the partnership.

In addition, Travala.com’s crypto currency accommodation booking service also merged with Bitcoin Millionaire crypto currency flight booking service at the end of May. This merger aims to expand the platform to provide a more complete service to travelers who want to spend cryptoactive.

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