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The Bitcoin secret: The world keeps turning

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Black Friday – the black days have already begun for the crypto market this Monday. Not only the industry leader Bitcoin had to accept severe price losses; the entire crypto market has had to struggle with strong losses in the past few days. But the world continues to turn. The situation on Wednesday. German logistics […]


BTC echo exposes 6 Bitcoin myths about the news spy

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Road Sign 29 – FactsAs a groundbreaking innovation, Bitcoin attracts supporters and skeptics alike. The technical and theoretical complexity of the digital currency can be confusing for some who have not yet been deeply involved with the technology. The result is that many skeptics hang themselves up on one or two statements about Bitcoin. One […]


Trump Casino is online

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Is the Donald nervous he’s missing out on something lucrative? Well yes, yes he is. Which is why he has been forming partnerships with online affiliates to start up an online casino when legislation is passed? Online casinos which offer a no download option are the best. Trump Entertainment Resort sees the value in doing […]


The best casinos

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A lot goes into find the best place to play games online. You have to know that money you may be wagering is going into honest hands and that the games you are playing are completely fair. There are also the secondary factors including entertainment value and game quality. Overview of casinos which accept PayPal and other […]