Former presenter of the programmes The Farm and The Apprentice enters „cryptospace“.

The famous entrepreneur and advertiser Roberto Justus joins a Brazilian cryptomeda project. Justus became famous in Brazil after being the host of several programs on TV.

At 65, Roberto Justus is considered a great businessman, investor and even presenter. During his time on TV, Justus led several editions of The Apprentice and even The Farm, both of RecordTV.

Created by Brazilians about a year ago, WiBX is a cryptomoeda focused on retail. Currently, it is listed for trading at the brokerage houses Bitcoin Billionaire and Coinbene.

The union between Justus and WiBX can give important visibility to the Brazilian cryptomoeda market.

Roberto Justus joins the Brazilian cryptomeda project, will be part of the Advisory Board

About a year ago, WiBX arrived with a cryptomeda project focused on national retail. In this way, customers of various brands can gain cryptomoeda using one application.

By signing up for the app and linking social networks, customers can enjoy, share and recommend marketing campaigns from retail companies. By doing marketing actions, they are rewarded with WiBX cryptomoeda.

About a year ago, WiBX’s customer base already had over 1 million customers, the company said. Cryptomoeda then continues to grow and now joins up with Roberto Justus.

According to Folha de São Paulo, Roberto Justus will be part of WiBX’s Advisory Board. Cryptomoeda would have partnered with investment fund TreepCorp, which Justus is one of the partners.

In addition, a partnership has been formed with Squadra Ventures, which is an incubator for startups. Roberto Justus will help WiBX cryptomoeda develop its customer relationship strategy.

Acta Holding and other major retail companies join the project

Other names joining the WiBX project are Caio Mesquita, CEO of Acta Holding,
Cristiano Melles, president of the National Association of Restaurants and Eduardo Terra, president of the Brazilian Society of Retail and Consumer (SBVC).

Acta Holding, for example, brings together large companies in the national financial market. Within the group are big sites like Empiricus, O Antagonista, Revista Crusoé and the portal Seu Dinheiro.

Cryptomoeda WiBX then strengthens its team of consultants and opens the way to grow the project in the country. In its website, WiBX already lists as partners Petz, which recently went public, Pitaia Bank, PicPay, Allianz Parque, among others.

For the Brazilian market of cryptomoeda, which has not yet seen a major digital currency project launched in the country, the movement may be important. In the field of Brazilian altcoins cryptomoins, many coins have already been launched, but still without much prominence.

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